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Throw in a Pillow to Accent Your Space

Posted by Elizabeth Toy on

Do you want to refresh your space without spending a lot of money?
Maybe you want to make a change, but you’re not ready for something permanent, like new carpet or repainting the walls. If this is the case, we’ve got just the thing for you.

One of the easiest ways to update your space is by adding color, texture, and maybe even a little drama to the room.

Enter the throw pillow.

Though they’re small, throw pillows pack a lot of punch and can easily make your room feel more coordinated, even if you don’t have matching furniture or a deco theme.

If you have a monochromatic color scheme in your room, you can easily experiment with color by adding a few throw pillows on chairs and sofas.

Not ready for color? Maintain the monochrome with even more monochromatic or neutral-colored pillows.

Want to introduce a dramatic element to your space? 

Even if you’re not ready to buy that large-scale artwork, throw pillows can likewise serve as a work of art with more flexibility, because you can easily move them and use them for practical reasons.

Click here for 6 ways to use Throw Pillows.

Solid colored pillows emphasize other items of the same color palette in the room, adding the feeling of a cohesive decorating plan.

Woven and embroidered pillows add texture and sometimes, a bohemian style to your space.

Incorporating a pop of color can really move the eye around the room and likewise keep the energy of the space flowing.

Want to make a statement?

What better way to do it than with throw pillows which
feature artwork - 

These large Maxwell Dickson pillows make a big statement with their size and images.

If you’re not sure about an image, just remember:

Choosing a pillow with neutral colors, even if it has other bright colors, can make it more versatile for different spaces.

Examine both sides of your pillow - do both sides have a graphic? Some days you might feel like displaying a graphic, and other days, you may want to display the simpler solid side.

If you look at all the beautiful photos of home design, you’ll often notice that almost every living room has throw pillows. Imagine that same room without those throw pillows. It may seem a little empty and possibly drab without these fluffy accents.

It’s amazing how much impact small accents have. They can completely change a room and easily add life and texture, whether you’re into furry pillows, bold statement graphics, or simple colors, stripes and patterns.

Are you ready to make an update? Here’s another reason to: 

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