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How art affects your workspace

Posted by Elizabeth Toy on

Think that you’re most focused in a room that has no distractions (and maybe no personality)?


Most full time workers spend at least 40 hours in an office space for work. If you think about it, that’s about ⅓ of your day, and for many, it’s even more time than you spend sleeping.

Studies have shown that the workplace environment heavily influences employee productivity.

In other words, there’s a reason for the stereotype behind those drab gray cubicles and why so many could easily relate to the 1999 film “Office Space.”

According to a survey of more than 800 employees conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts, Inc.:

78% felt that art helps in reducing stress.
64% agree that art increases creativity and productivity.
67% feel that art enhances morale.
77% agree that art expands employee appreciation of diversity and encourages discussions, and expression of opinions.

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Investing in a comfortable workspace is definitely worth the time, considering that it is your livelihood and such a major part of your life. Spending some time to decorate your space may just be the best thing you can do for your productivity, morale, and most importantly, your mental well-being.

Selecting the right art for your work space can benefit you in many ways, including:

1. Make your space feel bigger, cozier or simply more comfortable

To make your space feel larger, hang large, dramatic art pieces to create a feeling of expansiveness. If your office is too large and feels empty, create coziness by pulling the furniture away from the walls, and even creating smaller “sections” of space by changing the arrangements of the artwork and furniture. Select art that makes you feel like home, to bring in your own personality and essentially claim your space. You may not prefer working in a cubicle, but choosing to own your space may change the way you feel about coming into work.

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2. Inspire new ideas and perspective.

It’s been shown that art in the workplace can trigger creativity and in turn, fresh ideas, and diverse perspectives, not to mention spark otherwise conversations. Conversation pieces may contain unusual or unconventional content, but they intrigue viewers to interact and express their opinions, creating a topic of conversation that may not have otherwise been triggered.

3. Remind you of your goals

Are you saving up for a vacation to a dream destination? Is there a big purchase in the future that you’re squirreling away for? While artwork can serve as a decoration, it can likewise remind you just why you’re working so hard. Hang artwork or photographs that remind you of your goals so you never lose sight when keeping your eyes on the prize.

4. Change the perception of brand and values of the company

While some companies hang a missions statement on a wall, others convey their brand, mission and values in the way they present their space. Workplace vibes, whether they emanate from an environment that nurtures and motivates, or in the worst-case, exhausts and drains, can easily make or break your day and even your attitude at work. By taking pride in the work environment, companies express how much they value their employees and clients, putting their comfort first. After all, clients invest their funds and employees invest much of their time making the company a lucrative one. 

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