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Home Decor Styles

Posted by Elizabeth A. Toy on

When it comes to your home design, there are countless styles of decor. Some of the most common are:


Modern Style is defined by open spaces, ergonomic designs, simple shapes, and metal and glass.


Traditional Style uses lots of dark woods, plush materials and rich colors with complex details.


Contemporary style is noted by straight lines and sharp edges, blank walls, monochromatic or solid and bold colors.

Country (English, French, Italian)

Country, overall, uses lots of antiques and brings an overall worn-in look with natural colors and surfaces, and of course, classic plaid.


Rustic Style also uses raw materials that aren’t perfectly polished; for example, knotted wood and even rough edges are intentional to embrace a rustic ambiance. Natural hides and distressed materials are all part of what adds to a cozy feel.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic embraces a look that seems vintage, but may or may not actually be a new item. Decorations can be colorful, but light colors and white walls are all part of the open-air feeling of shabby chic. Distressed furnitures are also a common element.

Tuscan Style

Tuscan Style looks rich, luxurious and established, featuring terracotta tiles, patterns, bright accessories, and stucco walls, just like villas in Tuscany.

Eclectic Style
You can tell eclectic style when you see a combination of various elements, like bright colors, pieces from different styles, mixed designs and unconventional items.

After taking a few different home style quizzes, I kept getting different results. While I love modern vintage and nautical beach-house styles, the truth is that I love so many different things and ultimately, am an eclectic decorator. Rather than sticking to one style to make my space cohesive to a theme, the truth is, I most enjoy surrounding myself with things that make me happy.

In my own space, various decorations that “don’t go” hang on my walls like an oil painting of sunflowers, personal photography projects, maps, and photo collages gifted to me by friends. There’s no one color that’s deliberately or repeatedly used in my space and my decor is really just a big collection of memories, interests and hobbies.

What I love about eclectic decor is that you really can’t go wrong because it’s all about what you love to look at and memories you like to remember. In short, it’s very personal in particular and revealing ways that some other styles aren’t.

What’s your home decor style? Take a quiz to find out!

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