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Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Posted by Elizabeth Toy on

Does your bedroom invite you for rest, relaxation, and romance? If not, it may be time to make a few changes in your most intimate of personal spaces. While the principles of Feng Shui are beneficial in any space, it’s important to create the right mood corresponding to the purpose of each room.

The bedroom should be your personal sanctuary. The use of Feng Shui in your bedroom can improve your mood, quality of sleep and even relationships. Here are a few ways to make your bedroom more peaceful and inviting.

Use adaptive lighting.

Have you noticed that romantic restaurants always seem to have dim lighting? It’s no coincidence, as light has a huge impact on creating a mood and on the way we see things. Dim lighting encourages you to focus on what’s nearby as well as your other senses. It also helps you relax much more than glaring bright lights. That said, don’t opt for harsh, florescent lights in the bedroom. Use natural light during daytime, soft light in the evenings and complete darkness when it’s time to sleep. You may be surprised to find how much your quality of sleep improves.

Get rid of distractions in your bedroom.

The bedroom is not the optimal place for electronics, but if you can’t get rid of them, make a few minor changes. Your bedroom is one place where you can shut out the noise of the rest of the world. While our devices may keep us connected to the other aspects of our lives, they definitely disconnect us from peace and quiet. 

Turn off the TV before you go to sleep and even throw a cloth over the screen when it’s not in use.
Shut down and close your laptop. Cover up that annoying light that blinks when you charge your phone.
Your bedroom is meant for sleeping and the blue light emitted from electronics is disruptive.
On top of that, try to find another space to do work so that your bedroom is solely designated for resting and romance.

Appeal to all of your senses. 

Your bedroom should be inviting to all of your 5 senses: sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.
Here are a few ways to appeal to each:

- Play soft music or relaxing sounds that you love or enjoy the quiet that you may not experience in the other places you spend your time.

- Scented candles, oil diffusers, or even fresh flowers can add to the ambiance of your room while helping you relax. 

- Enjoy your cup of tea or a glass of wine in your bedroom along with a light snack you enjoy or surprise your partner with something sweet, like chocolate truffles. Food can be comforting and occasionally indulging can improve your mood and energy.

- Invest in high-quality bedding. Considering we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, a comfortable bed can make a world of difference. Soft, comfortable sheets and even a new pillow that supports your sleep position can vastly improve your sleep and the mood of your bedroom.

Display things that you love

Just as the old adage goes, "You eat with your eyes first," when it come to a meal, you likewise experience a place through sight, first. As mentioned in a previous post about Feng Shui, clearing your space of clutter is important and can tame your stress levels.

When it comes to sight, reminders of personal happy times are great to lift your spirits, especially after a rough day. Save photos of family and friends for other areas of your home. Your bedroom should be about you so focus on yourself and your partner. 

When hanging art in the bedroom, choose pieces that inspire you, or embody your goals and hopes in life, whether they are about love, peace, or success.

Want more romance, or searching for a new relationship? You may want to choose a sensual artwork, a piece displaying a pair, or you can even hang a pair of related artworks to promote connectedness.
Want peace? Artworks of natural scenery can help bring the calm you’re seeking.

Ultimately, select artwork that makes you happy and steer away from that which exhibits feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness or solitude. Hang the artwork directly across from your bed so that it’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night, to start and end each day on a positive note and high hopes.  

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