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​ How to Create an Art Gallery Wall at Home

Posted by Elizabeth Toy on

Do you have a number of different artworks that you’ve collected and hung in your home over time? Do you want to display a collection of your art instead of just one or two pieces at a time?

Gallery walls are a great way to decorate your home without have to do much more than hang your art. Here are 9 tips to help you create a beautiful gallery wall at home.

  1. Options, options.
    The key is in positioning your art pieces. To avoid putting too many holes in your walls, first practice different arrangements on the ground and take photos so that you can compare and review which setups you like the best.
  2. Eye-level is a good place to start.
    Start with hanging a few pieces at eye level and build around those pieces. You don’t want to hang too high or low and remember to take into consideration the placement of your furniture in the room so nothing is blocked from view. If you don’t know where to begin, start with your largest pieces in the center and add on, working around that anchor point.
  3. Consider a color palette.
    While you may have all the colors of the rainbow in your art pieces, sometimes you want to keep your design simple by focusing on just a few colors. Creating a palette will pull the room together, streamline the look and even accent the existing furniture and decorations you already have.
  4. Keep it even.
    If you want to hang your art in straight lines, apply masking tape on the wall to create a line and hang your artwork around it accordingly. That way you can more easily gauge the balance of your artworks.
  5. Frame it!
    Sometimes it’s not just the artwork, but also the frame that moves the eye around a focal point and brings dimension to your wall. Some pieces are worth framing, while others may look better without. Arrange your framed artworks and canvases accordingly to create the visual flow that speaks to you.
  6. Step back.
    Everyone once in awhile, step back and take a look at the wall from different angles. What looks good close may not look the same from afar. Stepping back to view the big picture allows you to gain a better perspective and maintain balance in the arrangement.
  7. Don’t be afraid to overlap.
    Hanging your art is one want to display it, but photo ledges and shelves are another. Ledges allow you to easily overlap your artworks, creating depth in a different way.
  8. Mix up your display.
    There’s no right or wrong way to create your gallery wall, so don’t limit yourself. No one ever said you could only hang professional artwork. Embrace your eclectic side and stay open to hanging different kinds of images and decorations, whether it’s a homemade collage, postcards, a map, travel photos, a clock, movie posters, mirrors, or even a framed favorite image from a magazine ad campaign.
  9. Teamwork works.
    While you can hang a gallery wall on your own, sometimes two pairs of eyes is better than one. Bring in a friend to stand back while you hang the pieces or vice versa so that you can more easily tell when something is off or uneven.

Happy decorating!

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