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About Us

Sketched into the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles, ever-expanding empire Maxwell Dickson offers contemporary canvas art and modern decor for boutique hotels, creative office spaces and residential homes. 


Founded in 2010 by the alias artist behind the brush Bart Cooper, Maxwell Dickson is a fusion of bi coastal characteristics, vibrant colors and eye-catching conversation pieces. Cooper uses traditional art strokes with digital technology to produce unique and passion-filled pieces for both celebrities and art enthusiasts alike. 


Unconfined to the walls of high-end Museums, the Maxwell Dickson brand is affordable and accessible, intending for homes to be galleries of their own. All artwork from design to distribution is manufactured in-house, alongside an extensive exhibit open for public viewing and industry events.

Maxwell Dickson paves the way of your lifestyle with ever-evolving design in contemporary art.  It is our intention to provide the hottest pop art fit for any environment at a reasonable price.  

The Maxwell Dickson team never ceases to take the initiative when exploring unmarked territory in their craft and innovation, combining popular culture and iconic themes, creating decor with the potential for timelessness.   

All art is 100 percent original and designed in-house by our seasoned and esteemed artist. Every piece of artwork is a product of months of research by MD, who study the latest interior design styles, trends and colors to ensure that we can offer a wide variety of decor to fit any design scheme and create any ambiance.

True to our mission, Maxwell Dickson also offers partnership projects, in which our customers may choose to collaborate with our team in order to create an artwork that implements the qualities and themes they envision, as well as Maxwell Dickson’s ingenuity and unique perspective.

With Maxwell Dickson, you’ll be sure to live an Art Driven Lifestyle.